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Motion moves lives. It’s a critical component of the machines, equipment, and technology that enhance human existence. Every day, we use our industry experience, product knowledge, and engineering expertise to create the products that set the future in motion. By solving our customers’ most demanding challenges, MTI is helping shape the technology that’s shaping the future.


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Serving Industries as Innovative as Our Products

Our valued customers are leaders in a variety of industries including Commercial Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Medical, Food and Beverage, Packaging, Automation, Transportation, and Robotics.

Mission Critical Applications

We set the future in motion by supporting a wide array of applications that impact our world. MTI creates system components for satellites, next-generation spacesuits, and motors going to Mars. We provide safety and security by developing motion solutions that meet the stringent requirements of defense applications. Our commercial products drive business efficiency by making the automation of industry more cost effective. MTI components are used on hybrid electric buses to create a greener, more sustainble planet. Our medical applications provide a better quality of life for children whose prosthetic limbs include MTI components.

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MTI Products Group

Products & Systems that keep you moving

Whether you require motors, drives, controls, windings, actuators, gears, ball screws, or a complete motion control system, MTI has the industry experience, product knowledge, and engineering capabilities to solve your most demanding challenges.

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Capabilities that Exceed Expectations

In addition to our full line of standard products, we are committed to creating value for our customers by providing custom component/system solutions. By utilizing our 100+ years of combined engineering and magnetic design experience, rapid protoyping is provided in unprecedented lead-times. All we need to begin are a few basic engineering specifications.

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