KABA annual meeting for members 2024

(Left) Heather Heiking, Marketing Manager, (Right) Rachel Byers, Vice President of Human Resources

KABA, the Kenosha Area Business Alliance, is an organization that supports businesses and local talent to encourage long-term economic growth and vitality. MTI Motion, headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, has recently renewed its membership with KABA as an investor and partner in the shared goal of economic development here in Wisconsin. “People are at the heart and soul of any business or community” – KABA.org.

Rachel at KABA

KABA’s 2024 Annual Meeting for Members

At MTI Motion, we are committed to fostering local talent and actively participating in the growth of our community’s economy. We believe in investing in the skills and potential of individuals right in our own backyard, empowering them to thrive and contribute to the long-term success of our company. By prioritizing the hiring of local talent, we not only strengthen our workforce but also demonstrate our dedication to supporting sustainable economic development.

“We at MTI Motion are excited to strengthen our partnerships with area businesses, associations, and educational/training establishments through this opportunity with KABA. Together, we provide careers for area residents, stabilize our economy, demonstrate social responsibility, and promote environmental sustainability.”

MTI Motion intends to leverage KABA’s training courses and workshops accessible to member companies. Moreover, we aim to engage in their platforms, facilitating the exchange of knowledge with fellow leaders and educators in the community.

MTI Motion Is A KABA Investor and Committed to Community Growth