benefits & features

  • High-operating efficiency
  • High-torque density
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Clean operation
  • Low maintenance
  • High-energy Neodymium magnets
  • Rated power: 300 HP
  • Rated torque: 465 ft-lbs
  • Peak torque: 700 ft-lbs
  • Speed: Max 8,000 rpm
  • Voltage: 460V
  • Current: 455Ar
  • Phases: Three-phase
  • Cooling: Liquid (oil-cooled)
  • Poles: 16 poles
  • Feedback: Hall sensors


Traction motors

Our high-performance permanent magnet motors can be used in a variety of Applications, including starter motors in turbines, mining, farm-duty and heavy-duty general-purpose applications. In addition, these can be used in vehicles with electrical transmission systems, such as diesel-electric, electric hybrid vehicles, and battery electric vehicles.

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