benefits & features

  • High-power density and efficiency
  • Flexibility of designs to suit custom needs
  • Contactorless detent torque magnet assemblies are optional, with little or no change in length
  • Multiphase design and run capabilities
  • Special housing configurations available
  • High-temperature operation capability; using 220 °C magnet wire as standard

High-peformance AC induction motors

MTI’s customizable AC induction motors are intended for aircraft applications using 400 Hz power sources. Design features include high efficiencies and high-power densities to conserve weight.

Our AC induction motors are designed in accordance to military standards, making them suitable for use on commercial and military aircraft. Reach out today to let us know your specific needs, and we will provide you with a custom solution for your application.

Size 17
Size 18
Size 19
Size 20
Size 26
Size 23
4-pole (4A1-7A1)
4-pole (3A3, 5A3-8A3)
4-pole (2A3-5A3)
4-pole (2A1-3A1, 5A1, 7A1)
4-pole (3A3, 5A3, 7A3, 9A3)
4-pole (4A3-6A3, 8A3)

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