Brushed DC motors

benefits & features

  • Extended shelf-life processing for reliable first-time start up
  • Specialized brush materials for extremely low-voltage operation
  • Mechanical and performance stability at high shock loads and vibrations.
  • Rare earth magnets
  • High-temperature insulation systems for 180° C environments or higher
  • High-altitude operation component design


Brushed DC motors (BDC)

BDC motors provide a solution wherever there is a distinct preference for the characteristics of a brush DC motor design – such as inherent control simplicity. Design features include an adherence to military standards, making them suitable for use in both aerospace and defense applications. In addition, they include custom features as requested by respective manufacturers.

Size 8
Size 9
Size 15
Size 21
2-pole (01)
2-pole (01-03)
2-pole (01-04)
4-pole (02, 04, 06, 08)

For detailed specifications, view this PDF.

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