Downhold brushless servo motors

benefits & features

  • Rated output: To 480 W
  • Peak torque: To 2.75 Nm
  • Speed: To 18,000 rpms
  • Voltage: To 96V
  • Operation: Dry (air-cooled) or wet (oil-submersed)
  • Pressure: 30 ksi
  • Temperature: 205° C
  • Feedback: Resolver, hall sensor or sensorless
  • Rugged, compact design
  • Permanent magnet (SmCo)
  • Vibration: To 25 Grms
  • Shock: To 1,000G
  • Custom options:
    • Wound per specification
    • Interface per requirement:
      • Shafts
      • Mountings
      • Connectors


Downhole motors

MTI Motion supplies high-efficiency, high-power density motors for the oil & gas industry that survive in environments where extreme temperature, pressure, shock and vibration are the norm. We understand failure is not an option, which is why we build motors that are durable, reliable, robust and survivable.
Downhole Chart

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