• Integrated assemblies – done
    • Centrifugal blower assemblies
    • 350 CFM – BWM028D15 (https://www.slmti.com/products/brushless-dc-motors/integrated-designs/centrifugal-blower-assembly-bwm028d15)
    • 1300 CFM – BWM028D50 (https://www.slmti.com/products/brushless-dc-motors/integrated-designs/centrifugal-blower-assembly-bwm028d50)
  • Integrated motor drive assemblies
    • With integrated drive system and EMI (input assembly) (https://www.slmti.com/products/brushless-dc-motors/integrated-designs/bldc-sensored-motor-controller-assembly)
    • With integrated drive system (fan and shroud not included) (https://www.slmti.com/products/brushless-dc-motors/integrated-designs/bldc-drive-system-assembly)

Integrated assemblies

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