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Our Process Begins With You

Regardless of industry, product or application, MTI is dedicated to exceeding client expectations. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to consistently deliver the highest quality motion-control systems available. Through every step, from project conception through post-production support, your needs and goals are our priority.


We work directly with you, our customer, to analyze and understand your application needs and product requirements. Only then can we offer the design expertise and experience required to deliver unsurpassed quality in every solution.

Our R&D staff works side-by-side with you to fully understand your motor application. This enables them to provide an accurate appraisal for the most effective solution. Our staff includes electronic system, motor design and magnetics experts who are deeply involved in new technology. Through the years, numerous patents in the motor optimization and power electronics fields have been awarded.


  • Zero defects
  • Design for manufacturing


  • Mechanical – SolidWorks with stress, thermal
  • Magnetic – MotorCAD & SPEED


  • Compliance matrix
  • Risk analysis

Whether you require clean-sheet solutions, reengineering of existing transmissions or gearsets, or one-off modifications, our gear engineering team is ready to help. The Davall team has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience on all forms of rotary power transmission components.

Every ball screw product is designed to address the unique needs of each application. The PST team assesses a challenge from every angle, and drives value by streamlining both the design and processes. Whatever the need, from reverse engineering a ball screw, manufacturing stock per drawings or performing operations on existing materials to developing mated products and full assemblies, our ball screw engineers will deliver outcomes that meet or exceed your expectations.


Our engineering teams use the most effective technology available to address design. The tools used are specific to the needs of the product (e.g., motors, gears, etc.). This allows concept designs to be developed quickly to confirm engineering application feasibility.

Our motor experts are equipped with the following design tools:

  • SolidWorks 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) software
  • Magnetic FEA 3D modeling software
  • Finite element software for magnetic, thermal and mechanical analysis
  • BLDC, BDC, hysteresis, synchronous and induction motor design
  • Microsim Spice circuit analysis
  • Various DSP and microprocessor development tools
  • Electronics circuit auto-routing

The Davall design team uses industry-leading gear design software to size and “life” gears for the appropriate duty cycle. This modeling can also be used to assess geartrains for increased performance targets (possibly with improved material or processes), address package space allowances, and verify existing designs for new applications and duty cycles.


From design and fabrication to validation, MTI incorporates rapid prototyping to prove concepts. Onsite manufacturing helps minimize prototype lead times, which support the “fail fast through iteration” process to maximize overall productivity.


MTI uses complete and rigorous testing to verify customer and design needs. Tests are specific to the product type (e.g., motors, gears, etc.) as well as the individual product’s unique requirements.

Various tests can be completed on MTI motors. Automated testing includes:

  • Shock & vibration testing
  • Pressure & temperature testing
  • CT scanning

Our precision gears can be tested in multiple ways:

  • Test rigs
  • Single and double flank gear measurement
  • Simple motored testing (unloaded)
  • Motored testing with high torque at low speed
  • Spin loss efficiency measurements through motor current loadings
  • Noise/vibration frequency scanning
  • Temperature controlled CMM & GMM environment
  • Single and dual flank rolling gear testing


Test results are reviewed, and necessary improvements are made prior to production.

Prototype Motor Test Stand

MTI’s test and design engineers thoroughly assess all motor data, such as back EMF results (voltage generated from the windings) and no-load results (speed and amp drop). As results are compared to the design software, and performance outcomes are validated, additional aspects can then be added for review. Our teams know that details are essential to ensure a quality product.

Davall Gears has an in-house inspection department solely dedicated to the measurement, verification and report generation of gears and associated parts. Full 3D coordinate and gear measurement machines, that use contact and non-contact formats, as well as traditional inspection equipment are used to validate gear tooth form and accuracy, and ensure products maintain exceptional quality standards.

Analyze Ballscrew

Machine accuracy and employee vigilance are critical at PST. Using machines and tools, such as an optical comparator, manual validator, coordinate measuring machine and calibrated manual measurements, our team ensures quality is in each ball screw product manufactured.


Products are manufactured, documented and shipped while guaranteeing that each offering meets the required quality and performance specifications.

MTI has extensive motor production capabilities:

  • 3D printing
  • Balancing
  • Brazing
  • CNC machining - Mill & lathe
  • Cylindrical/OD grinding
  • Electrostatic powder coating (e.g., blue coat & green coat)
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe manufacturing environment
  • Fly winding - automated
  • Honing
  • Induction welding/heating
  • Lacing - automated
  • Laser cutting (e.g., laminations)
  • Laser marking
  • Magnetizing
  • Measuring - CMM
  • Painting - robot
  • Soldering – J-STD-001 & J-STD-001 Space Addendum compliant
  • Thermo fitting & heat shrinking
  • Transfer molding – Potting and custom components
  • Varnishing - Trickle and vacuum impregnation
  • Winding – Hand and automated
  • Wire EDM

Davall Gears specializes in precision-engineered gears. In addition to electric discharge machining (EDM) equipment, our in-house facilities have state-of-the art CNC gear-cutting and grinding machinery for the production of spur and helical gears, and straight and spiral bevel gears. Davall takes pride in delivering high-quality components and assemblies.

Gear grinding

  • Crowning and tip relief (to customer specifications and applications)
  • Starts with DIN 5, AGMA 12, and ISO Grade 4, with finer quality grades as required

Electric discharge machining/EDM machining

  • Work with metals for which traditional machining techniques are less effective
  • Only works with materials that are electrically conductive

Wire EDM machining

  • Electro-thermal production process
  • A thin single-strand of metal wire, in conjunction with deionized water (used to conduct electricity), cuts through metal using heat from electrical sparks

Thread rolling, thread grinding and heat treatment comprise the trifecta of our custom ball screw manufacturing capabilities. No matter the thread form or finish, all processes are done in-house. PST manufacturing reacts agilely to order and requirement changes as needed while ensuring rapid turnaround. When products are shipped, they are custom fit to their packing to ensure quality upon arrival.

Thread rolling

Screw threads are formed by rotating one of PST’s 3,000-plus hardened steel dies against the surface of a cylindrical blank. For more information click here.

Thread grinding

Screw threads are formed by a CNC machine with a dressed grinding wheel that grinds custom, complex threads into the cylindrical blank. For more information click here.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is commonly used to prolong the life of ball screw assemblies and unique shafts. During the process, the outside layer of the ball screw and ball nut or unique shaft are hardened, ensuring a predictable life, especially in high-load applications. This process is especially critical for ball screw assemblies; without this layer of hardening, the ball bearings will break down the surface of the assembly, and cause failures and downtime.


  • Induction heat treatment
  • Horizontal induction heat treatment process
  • Up to 40’ in length
  • Up to 4” in diameter



MTI maintains contact with clients after manufacturing, installation and operation. Continuous improvements are made based on customer feedback. The efficiency and performance of each system is monitored to ensure product optimization and customer satisfaction.


MTI closes the loop by engaging with customers on the creation and development of future programs.

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