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Why Buy New?

Why Buy New?

How a Lab Equipment Manufacturer Avoids Buying New When Repaired Will Do

Shiny and new has its place. But it’s not always the most practical, cost-effective option, especially if cleaning and repairing is a viable alternative.

That’s what one manufacturer of dental laboratory equipment discovered by turning to PST.

As part of its manufacturing process, this company attaches a ball screw to a linear guide that then gets positioned into their machines. The environment in which all of this occurs is gritty and creates large amounts of residue in the air. This, in turn, gets into the ball screws and linear guides.

This company came to us to see if we could clean and re-grease their ball screws—and if we could do it with lightning-fast turnaround. We assured them that PST could meet the challenge.  We delivered clean, well-functioning ball screw assemblies to meet their demands.

You can count on PST too. We’re ready to clean, repair and rebuild whatever parts you need us to work on—and we’re ready to do it fast.

Originally Published: April 27, 2016

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