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Value That’s Literally Out of This World

Value That’s Literally Out of This World

How an Aerospace Engineering Company Developed a Well-Grounded Partnership

When a company is involved with aerospace projects that range from military helicopters to commercial space travel, they understand the importance of resolving challenges quickly and expertly.

PST works closely with an engineering development company just like that. They understand their role in a fast-paced industry and need a partner that can deliver on promises as well as they do.

While the actuators they manufacture aren’t high volume, they are highly technical and this company appreciates the back-and-forth collaboration and hands-on approach PST brings to the table.

Basically, they lay out a challenge to PST and say, “You’re the experts on ball screw science, engineering and manufacturing. Figure this one out for us.” And that’s just what we do. Time after time.

You can count on PST’s expertise too. Let us know your challenge and we’ll partner with you to get the results you need.

Originally Published: April 28, 2016

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