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Simplify the Supply Chain

Simplify the Supply Chain

How a Corrugate-Cutting Machine Manufacturer Sliced through Its Multi-Tiered Supply Chain

They build machines that cut through corrugate with ease. Unfortunately, this manufacturer was also dealing with a supply chain that was anything but simplified.

Multiple tiers meant extra shipments, increased hassle and avoidable markups—and they were facing these additional costs year after year. Even worse, the finished product lacked the consistency PST could provide.

The company came to us because they recognized that PST’s extensive manufacturing and machining capabilities could deliver the finished product they needed: long, 12-foot threaded stock that aided in the movement and tracking of their equipment.

The result: significant cost savings, improved quality and a value-add solution that outperformed what they had been using.

You can count on PST too. We can manufacture complete product within our facility and ship it directly to you, eliminating the hassles of a multiple-tiered supply chain.

Originally Published: April 27, 2016

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